Eric G. Crews  LMFT

Employment Background:

Private Practice: (Oct 2011 – Current) In a private practice setting I am able to assess, diagnose and treat individuals as well as families. My practice is primarily acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), while I also rely heavily on dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). This allows me to be effective with depression, anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders and much more. I am also level 2 trained in Gottman’s couple’s therapy and have completed tier II in military cultural awareness. I also have a long history of working with our local primary care providers when medications are needed.

Klamath Open Door Family Practice: (April 2012 – Oct 2017) My role as a “Mental Health Provider” in this 11,000 plus patient FQHC primary care environment was  primarily in responding to crisis mental health situations, conducting behavioral assessments and providing individual and group therapies. I did however take the lead in developing and initiating behavioral health services at a rural satellite clinic 30 miles to the north. I also took the forefront of integrating the primary care and behavioral services. This included implementing evidenced based treatments in critical areas such as diabetes, Chronic Pain and other medical conditions that impact our mental and emotional health.

Sky Lakes Medical Center:  (Sept. 2011 – Feb. 2016) Contracting as a “Mental Health Assessment Specialist;” I conducted assessments in the emergency department and other areas as needed. While the primary objective was typically to determine any existing dangerousness to self or others, the secondary objective is to determine treatment needs and refer to appropriate and effective treatment alternatives.  This was accomplished by interviewing patients, family and other service providers as possible, in addition to gathering any available and relevant medical and psychiatric history.

Klamath County Mental Health:  (July 22, 2002 – Oct. 3rd, 2011) As a “Mental Health Therapist” I provided mental health services to adults with mental and emotional disabilities. This included conducting crisis assessments at the Access Center, the County Jail, and in the Emergency Department at Sky Lakes Medical Center.  I worked closely with a team of case workers and support staff, and a wide variety of public service agencies to determine appropriate interventions while following state and federal guidelines. It was my position to initiate immediate intervention and stabilization in emergency cases, and to triage acute needs. I also initiated and provided outpatient treatments using both individual and group therapies.  I completed civil commitment investigations as a State certified Pre-Commitment Investigator and a court appointed Mental Health Examiner, testifying in court frequently in these and other roles.

Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT):  (Sept 2006 – 2014) As an adjunct instructor in the Humanities and Social Sciences Department, I taught undergraduate Psychology and Sociology classes. I was able to develop and implement new class curriculums’ in both areas designed to meet the specific needs of young adults. I thoroughly enjoy being able to offer my experiences to the next generation of clinicians and practitioners, in addition to sharing the benefits of psychology to all people.

Home of Guiding Hands:  (Sept 1996 – July 2002) As the “Assistant Director of Residential Services” (for this ICF/MR), I was responsible for the day to day operations of 24 licensed residential homes serving people with developmental disabilities, and physical as well as mental and emotional difficulties.  During this period I had the opportunity to facilitate substantial improvements to services provided, in addition to developing and implementing training curriculums for use in the orientation of new staff.

Educational Background

University of Michigan (School of Social Work): Successfully completed a graduate level program on the Integration of Behavioral Health and Primary Care services.

University of Phoenix (San Diego Campus):  Completed and graduated with a “Masters in Counseling” in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT).

Portland State University:  Graduated with a Bachelors Degree (B.S.) in Psychology.

ACT Boot Camp in Reno Nevada (2013) - ACBS World-Con in Seattle, WA (2016)

Related Certifications and Strengths

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#T0809)

Clinical Supervisor for both LPC and LMFT Interns

Oregon State certified Pre-Commitment Investigator (2002 – 2011)

Oregon State certified Mental Health Examiner (2002 - 2011)

Active member of the Association of Contextual Behavioral Sciences (ACBS); member Oregon State chapter

DSM-5/ICD-10 diagnosis skills, including development and implementation of individual treatment plans based on assessment findings

The ability to work in a wide range of environments, including cultural awareness needs and working with the use of translators

Effective experience in networking and involving other professionals

Knowledge and understanding the use of psychotropic medications

Strong communication and organizational skills

An Extensive list of both personal and professional references is available.

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